hop, skip & a jump! pediatric therapy services

Our Mission...

is to help EVERY child that walks through our doors become the person God intended them to be, and to use those gifts to better the world around them!

Helping Children...

through the medium of play, develop important, lifelong skills to meet the challenges of today's world.

ABC...Easy as...

Call your doctor or pediatrician

For occupational or physical therapy services, a doctor's order must be obtained.  If your child has recently been to see his or her doctor or pediatrician, an order can sometimes be obtained over the phone.  If not, you may need to make an appointment.

Call our office...

to schedule an appointment for an evaluation with a therapist.  Be sure to tell us your child's name, birthdate and some of your concerns, so we can be fully prepared ahead of your evaluation date with appropriate tests and questions. 

Fill out the forms...

located on the FORMS section of our website.  Print them out and bring them in or e-mail them to us at info@hopskipandajump.com


Learn strategies to continue at home what is learned in therapy, so everyone benefits!

Helping Families...





105 Windsor Path Suite 1 Georgetown KY 40324  (502) 570-2337 Phone  (502) 570-2338 Fax

105 Windsor Path Suite 1 Georgetown KY 40324     (502) 570-2337 Phone    (502) 570-2338 Fax      email - info@hopskipandajump.com


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